Cut and paste the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s See Burberry. See Prada. See the collab see the rise of the big branded T-shirt (side note, is it time to drag out the fake CK top I bought from a market in Lanzarote from the 90s?) See rocket science. What? New age physical shit – Proper minds building proper things to proper grow an economy. Not dud financial packages draining the economy (I gotta stop reading books). Reassembled rocket science; repackaged with a retro feel to make it cool (there was a typo that said “fool”) again. Inspired by; Elon Musk Ziggy played Guitar Archigram (NOT A FUCKING INSTAGRAM HASHTAG) – a genuine movement from the 60s – if you don’t know now you know. – See Biggy Smalls. ⬆️this is how my mind works errrr day⬆️

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