Born in Cambridgeshire in 1986, Robin Mackney became fascinated with the world around him from an early age. Intrigued by the interlocking and complex way our environment creates itself, he went on to study Architecture and Design at the Lincoln School of Art, graduating in 2008. During his time at Lincoln, he was inspired by the historic city, and buildings such as the cathedral, a theme that would continue into his later art works.

Passionate about cities and how their architecture functions, from gothic and renaissance buildings sitting comfortably alongside modern developments, Robin’s artwork explores these relationships. Delving into the juxtapositions of our environments, how they are affected by various components from the weather, to those who dwell within them. With this in mind, Robin is particularly inspired by artists such as L.S. Lowry and the way he captures street and city scenes.

Constantly questioning the way in which our architecture is perceived by the masses, how it can be interpreted as a form of status in one moment, and considered vulgar the next. How our places capture a sense of time, how they outlast us, how they watch the world turn. Our cities, towns, villages, and our countryside capture a visual history and tell us stories that words cannot. Are our environments more important than the people they serve?

In an attempt to explore these questions, Robin has travelled to New York, Barcelona, Paris and Berlin, capturing photographs and taking inspiration from the places he sees. Sitting in the midst of the action, committing memories to paper and creating pieces of art that allow us to see a moment in time.

Living and working between London and Cambridgeshire, Robin currently creates pieces of artwork that explore these surroundings and produces beautiful photography of the nearby environments. His work is for sale and can be contacted here to take commissions on request for both commercial and domestic settings.